Festive stays at Villa Park resort in the Maldives

Join us for our Park Playful Carnival, where your holiday is meticulously crafted for maximum delight. Sail with dolphins, marvel at Christmas-lit palms, and toast to the new year in luxury. Don't miss out—let's make your holiday season magical.

Christmas & New Year Celebrations 2023/24

20 December 2023 (Wednesday)

Kickstart the Festive Season 

  • The celebrations of a civilization reveal its greatness. At Villa Park, we'll inaugurate the festive season by showcasing a taste of the local way of life with Thaara Jehun and Maalafaiy Key. Main Pool Beach, 16:30


Captain Babusa Night

  • As Captain Babusa once said, "You're off the edge of the map, mate. Here there be monsters!" Embrace the themed evening at Mekenu Bar, where the unknown comes alive. Main Bar, 21:00


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21 December 2023 (Thursday)

Sweet Layers

  • Unleash your artistic flair and embrace your originality as you decorate cookies at the Kids Club. Park Players Kids Club, 11:00


Creative Little Artist

  • Boost your imagination and give yourself the freedom to explore your boundless artistic potential in a fun way. Park Players Kids Club Garden, 16:00


Wine Connoisseurs' Delight

  • Elevate every meal, sophisticate every table, and refine every evening with wine. Join us for a wine and food pairing dinner at Vani Beach, tailored for wine enthusiasts. Vani Beach, 19:00


Tales of Toga

  • Don't just wish; attain it! A toga party is on the horizon. Come dance and toast with us into the early hours. Let loose and have a blast at Mekunu Bar. Main Bar, 21:00


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22 December 2023 (Friday)

Tropical Christmas Tree

  • Embellish a Christmas tree with decorative palm leaf origami at the Coconut Craft House. Coconut Craft House, 10:00


Holiday Hoopla

  • Get the kids grooving to the music! When the music stops, they must find an empty hoop and sit cross-legged inside it. Park Players Kids Club, 15:00


Surf & Turf

  • Savor a delectable surf and turf dinner accompanied by the serene backdrop of live music at Island BBQ Beach. Island BBQ, 19:00


Hayven Hours

  • YEE-HAW! It's time to saddle up, Cowboy. Join us for a Cowboy-themed party at Mekunu Bar. Main Bar, 21:00


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23 December 2023 (Saturday)

Sensory Awakening

  • Rejuvenate and calm your senses at our award-winning spa. Araamu Spa, 09:00


Barefoot Beach Party

  • After an exciting day of exploration, it's time to unwind. There’s no better way to enjoy the magnificent sunset than walking barefoot on the soft, powdery sands of Mermaid Beach. Join us for music by our DJ and unlimited beverages. Water Sports, 17:00


Sail Your Wish

  • Pen a message and set it afloat in one of our locally crafted, eco-friendly boats. La Tropicana Beach, 17:00


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24 December 2023 (Sunday)

Find the Missing Santa

  • Embark on a festive hunt! Kids will be grouped and tasked with finding hidden printable Santas around the garden. The team that finds the most wins a festive prize! Park Players Kids Club, 15:00


Merry-Go-Round Christmas Party

  • Join us for a Christmas Cocktail Reception and the lighting of the Christmas tree. Get into the festive spirit with twinkling lights, tree decorations, and garland. Lobby, 18:00


Christmas Eve Gala Dinner

  • Indulge in the ultimate Gala buffet dinner, featuring a variety of international delicacies that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. Maaniya, 19:30


Christmas Night Party

  • Celebrate Christmas Eve with entertaining festivities at Mekunu Bar. Mekunu Bar, 21:30


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25 December 2023 (Monday)

Arrival of Santa

  • Witness Santa's grand aquatic arrival at Mekunu Bar Beach, complete with a backpack brimming with Christmas gifts. Mekunu Bar Beach, 10:30


Meet Santa

  • An afternoon of fun awaits the kids as they play games and dance with Santa at the Kids Club. Park Players Kids Club, 15:00


Unsung Heroes

  • Music rejuvenates the heart and soul. Join us for a karaoke party at Mekunu Bar for an evening of melodies and refreshments. Main Bar, 21:00


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26 December 2023 (Tuesday)

Candy Cane Chase

  • A sweet adventure for kids with a candy treasure hunt on the golf course. Golf Course, 17:00


Colour Marathon

  • Join us for a colorful pre-marathon event with playful hues, culminating in a foam party at the Beach Bar. Main Bar to Beach Bar, 16:00


Elvis Presley Night

  • Celebrate the King of Rock & Roll with an Elvis Presley-themed night at the Main Bar. Main Bar, 21:00


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27 December 2023 (Wednesday)

Junior Master Chef

  • Cooking ignites joy, love, and delicious memories—an ideal blend for your children to learn and have fun! Al Pontile, 10:30


Chasing Sun

  • Sip drinks at sunset accompanied by a DJ on the lagoon's most unique floating deck. It's an evening that promises to be incredible and unforgettable. Lagoon, 17:00


Thai Passion

  • Savor the essence of Thailand’s most beloved street food. Immerse yourself in an exotic setting over water. Sun Star, 19:00


Tiki Party

  • Experience a Tiki party with authentic decorations and tropical flora reminiscent of the Polynesian islands. Mekunu Bar Beach, 21:00


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28 December 2023 (Thursday)

Kaashi Delicacy

  • Spice up your life with our intimate culinary lesson in the Maldives. Cook in the world's most picturesque kitchen. Chop, sizzle, sauté. Relish your creations for lunch and leave with a spice box and recipes to impress your loved ones with your new cooking skills. Island BBQ, 11:30


Aquamarine Holistic Treat

  • Unwind to the rhythm of the waves and the gentle sea breeze in a state of total bliss. Indulge in our four new "Aqua Treatments" for a truly relaxing experience on the sunlit waters. Spa Beach, 09:00


Ceviche by the Sea

  • Dine beside the ocean at Al Pontile, enjoying a Mediterranean supper that embodies joy, exploration, and acceptance. Al Pontile, 19:00


Aladdin Night

  • Immerse yourself in an Arabian Aladdin-themed lavish evening at the main bar. Mekunu Bar, 21:00


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29 December 2023 (Friday)

Kite Festival

  • Enjoy flying kites and having fun with friends and family. Mekunu Bar Beach, 16:00


Sharing Love

  • Join us at the Golf Bar for a Love Stroll and photo booth. It's an enchanting occasion to cherish with your loved ones. Golf Bar, 16:00


Fish Market

  • Savor a traditional Maldivian supper on the beach, featuring live fish cutting and a sushi counter where the chef prepares your dish before you. Vani Beach, 19:00


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30 December 2023 (Saturday)

Coral Cocktail

  • Enjoy cocktails inspired by the names and visuals of corals from the sea, fostering a sense of environmental awareness. Mekunu Bar, 16:00


Fishing Pros

  • Engage in a friendly fishing competition and enjoy the thrill of catching fish alongside your loved ones. Fishing Boat, 16:00


Barefoot Beach Party

  • After an exciting day of exploration, come unwind on the smooth, powdery sands of Mermaid Beach and revel in a beautiful sunset. With music by our DJ and unlimited beverages, relaxation is guaranteed. Water Sports, 17:00


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31 December 2023 (Sunday)

Warm-up Cocktail Party

  • Begin the evening's festivities with the Villa Park management. Raise a toast to the cherished moments shared with loved ones before immersing yourself in the dazzling New Year's Eve Gala dinner. Lobby, 18:30


New Year's Eve Gala Dinner

  • Welcome the upcoming year with an evening filled with glamor, excitement, and world-class entertainment. Feast on a diverse range of delectable international cuisines during the gala dinner. Maaniya Beach, 19:30


Park Playful Carnival Party

  • Embrace the new year with the lively Park Playful Carnival Party, featuring artistic performances and a top-tier DJ. Dance the night away with your family, creating lasting memories. Maaniya Beach, 21:00


2023 Countdown

  • Witness the sky light up with fireworks as we usher in 2024 and relish the moment. Maaniya Beach, 23:55


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1 January 2024 (Monday)

New Year Sand Art

  • Join us to learn about the plants and the natural beauty of Villa Park, along with its flora and fauna. ZERO, 16:00


Piñata Bash

  • Enjoy a classic game of Piñata with a blindfold twist. Kids Club Garden, 16:00


Spin It Up!

  • Experience a DJ Night at the Main Bar with a vibrant Mexican theme. Mekunu Bar Beach, 21:00


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2 January 2024 (Tuesday)

Flame Kings

  • Every kitchen needs a dash of heat, a sprinkle of sweetness, and a cup of affection and camaraderie. Join our family culinary competition. Magical Garden, 11:00


Happy Hippy Shake

  • A Zumba session designed for kids to shake and move with joy. Main Pool Area, 17:00


Mysteries of Middle East

  • Indulge in a Middle Eastern supper buffet featuring a wide variety of Arabic cuisine at Island BBQ Beach. Island BBQ Beach, 19:00


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3 January 2024 (Wednesday)

Barefoot Beach Party

  • Unwind after an exciting day with a beautiful sunset on the smooth, powdery sands of Mermaid Beach. Join us for music by our DJ and unlimited beverages. La Tropicana, 16:00


A Classic Love Story

  • Experience a private romantic beach set dinner. Spa Beach, 19:00


Aloha Fiesta

  • Embrace the Caribbean Night at the Main Bar. Mekunu Bar Beach, 21:00


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4 January 2024 (Thursday)

Bailando Bambinas

  • A super fun dance workout designed just for kids, featuring catchy music and cool dance moves. Raving Workouts, 11:00


Park Art Exhibition

  • An adult drawing competition on a blank canvas, encouraging creativity through art with the theme 'We see a world.' La Tropicana Beach, 16:00


Claw & Tail

  • Savor a set beach dinner featuring Lagoon Mud Crab and Lobster. Island BBQ Beach, 19:00


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5 January 2024 (Friday)

Floral Flutters

  • Create wearable wings inspired by the wonders of the outdoors using real flowers and leaves. Park Players Kids Club, 16:00


Journey of Senses

  • Embark on a delicious journey through the vibrant world of street cuisine. Mekunu Bar Beach, 19:00


Stage Revolution

  • A spectacular night featuring a DJ, Saxophonist, Violinist, and Band Battle. Mekunu Bar, 21:30


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6 January 2024 (Saturday)

Roll a Sushi

  • Learn the art of sushi-making and craft a luscious four-course sushi feast. Al Pontile, 12:00


Hawaiian Vibe Party

  • Immerse yourself in a Hawaiian-style beach party complete with sunset cocktails and dancing. Water Sports, 17:00


Indulging in Love

  • Enjoy a romantic beachside dinner for two, surrounded by flickering candles and a tempting array of food. Spa Beach, 19:00


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7 January 2024 (Sunday)

Close to Nature

  • Contribute to the environment by planting a tree and join the 'Save the Planet' squad. Green Fingers, 16:00


Orthodox Feast

  • Savor the best Gala buffet supper with a vast selection of international cuisine that will tantalize your taste buds. Mekunu Bar Beach, 19:00


Bespoke Blend Bash

  • Kickstart the Orthodox Christmas Party with a renowned DJ setting the mood. Groove the night away at the ultimate Maldives Christmas Party. Mekunu Bar Beach, 21:00


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