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February 1, 2023

Villa Resorts

Villa Hotels & Resorts receives international environmental Green Key award for three properties

Villa Resorts is proud to announce that Sun Island Resort & Spa, Royal Island Resort & Spa, and Paradise Island Resort & Spa have all been recognized with the International Environmental Green Key award. This leading standard of excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation in the tourism industry represents Villa Resorts' enduring commitment to preserving the fragile environment of the Maldives.

The Green Key award is a prestigious eco-label that signifies adherence to strict criteria as established by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). Earning the Green Key emblem testifies to each resort's endeavor to create an environmentally friendly, sustainable, and responsible business

Each resort has established a sustainability policy with concrete plans, objectives, and annual actions devised for continuous improvements in environmental management, as well as social and cultural commitments, and health and safety issues. They have crafted strategies to keep the natural ecology of the islands unspoiled, preserving the unique beauty of the Maldivian islands. This includes avoiding pesticides and environmental pollutants, using natural alternatives, and implementing eco cleaning products.

Moreover, initiatives to reduce energy and water usage are in place, with innovative steps to minimize usage to lower their carbon footprint. An advanced solar panel system at Paradise Island Resort & Spa contributes to the production of clean, renewable energy. These resorts have a common goal of achieving carbon neutrality. An Environment Manager and an Environment Committee have been appointed at each resort to supervise the environmental initiatives and work towards annual goals. To maintain the high environmental standards required for Green Key certification, they commit to regular documentation and frequent audits.

Located in diverse ecological areas, each resort is a guardian of its unique environment. Sun Island Resort & Spa, crowned Luxury Eco Resort at the World Luxury Travel Awards, is nestled on one of the largest Maldives islands, near the South Ari Marine Protected Area (SAMPA). The Royal Island Resort & Spa is located in the protected UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of Baa Atoll, a treasure house of the world’s richest coral reefs and tropical marine life. Paradise Island Resort & Spa is situated in the North Male’ Atoll and showcases a commitment to ocean preservation, with its dive center, diveOceanus, executing a Coral Garden restoration program aimed at preserving and protecting the coral reefs for the future.

These resorts are not only beautiful locations but also home to extensive botanical gardens and a variety of tropical fruits, vegetables, and herbs served fresh in their restaurants. Villa Hotels & Resorts warmly invite all guests to participate in their sustainability initiatives, helping to conserve the natural environment. By doing so, guests contribute to a sustainable future and experience a deeper connection with nature during their vacation, which makes for a more immersive adventure.

Note: The Villa Hotels & Resorts have been rebranded as Villa Resorts following a next-generation transformation and rebranding of their properties. Paradise Island has been transformed into Villa Nautica, a maritime celebration of the Quayside Life. Meanwhile, Sun Island has been reimagined as Villa Park, a lush, never-ending Lagoon Pleasureground teeming with experiences.

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