Experiences at Villa Haven

Eden's Garden

  • Description

    Eden’s Garden is a perfumed enclave in which Simple Sybarites learn how to open their noses and make, bottle and name their own fragrances. Suffused with scents, the carefully curated garden is filled with exotic plants of varying colours, textures and fragrance to delight all the senses and create a year-round natural perfumery.

    The walled garden is also used by the chefs to supply the kitchen with many herbs, such as mint, rosemary and thyme, all grown in terracotta pots. Guided by Villa Haven’s expert perfumer, students are educated in the aroma therapeutic benefits of different herbs and learn about the core ‘fragrance families’ and their defining characteristics.

    In understanding the structure of perfumes they will learn to distinguish base notes from the top notes, along with the heart notes that linger on after the top notes have faded. Working from a series of base oils, guests personalise fragrances using a range of exotic essences, resulting in bespoke soaps, oils and shampoos made from natural ingredients. Free to take home is a 15ml bottle of guests’ unique fragrance – available nowhere else, with the formula kept safe by Villa Haven in its Heaven Scent Library.