Experiences and activities in the Maldives

A curation of unique experiences and cherished interactions that will define your time in this heaven. From reserved and intimate moments around the campfire, to the sparkling elements of luxury at Eden’s Garden, every adventure promises unforgettable memories.

The Clay Club

A place for calm; an escapist environment that nurtures a precious sense of community. This meditative activity encourages you to temper your pace of life, and to think and experience slowly, deeply and sensually.

Create art with clay made from uniquely textured island materials, and experience a new form of therapeutic transformation. This memorable experience not only enriches your soul but also leaves a tangible memory – the perfect souvenir to forever link you to Villa Haven.

Eden's Garden

A perfumed enclave engulfed with scents that will tie you to memories made here. The carefully curated garden is filled with exotic plants of varying colours, textures and fragrance to delight all the senses.

Learn the structure of perfumes, the base notes and heart notes that linger after the top notes fade away, and create your very own fragrance. Take home your bottle of perfume, an aromatic memento found nowhere else but here.

Healing Haven

Stress doesn’t just evaporate the moment you arrive on holiday. Our Healing Haven welcomes you to slow down and unwind.

Accelerate the process of decompression at our Healing Haven. Loosen up and let the resort’s healing spirit embrace you. The space is not just for checking in and out; it’s a vibrant hub filled with wellness activities that intertwine healing and hospitality.

Toddy Tapper Tricks

In days gone by, the artful skill of toddy tapping was the backbone of island livelihoods. We pay homage to the rich Maldivian history, inviting you on a unique and authentic tour guided by our Toddy Tapper.

Lush palm groves surround you as you sip on the fresh toddy drink. Choose between a morning or an evening tour and celebrate this authentic experience rooted in Maldivian traditions.

Spellbinding Shows and Tales

After dinner, gather around the beachside campfire for our spellbinding evening ritual: imaginative Holhuashi storytelling.

Featuring a series of traditional puppet performances, the Maldivian historical tales are brought to life with engaging themes and charming humour. Fill your evenings with snippets of childhood memories, global histories, native songs, philosophies and altogether good vibes.