Villa Haven / Experiences and excursions in the Maldives

Villa Haven invites you to a world of endless adventure, where pristine waters and white sandy beaches become your playground. Whether you are creating memories on romantic sunset cruises, enjoying thrilling watersports, or exploring Maldives with your loved ones, each dawn brings a new chapter of excitement.

Signature experiences

A curation of unique experiences and cherished interactions that will define your time in this heaven. From reserved and intimate moments around the campfire, to the sparkling elements of luxury at Eden’s Garden, every adventure promises unforgettable memories.

Private dining

An extraordinary setting tucked away amidst the Indian Ocean panoramas, and a degustation menu that pays homage to the island’s riches, crafted from fresh ingredients and prepared with refined simplicity. Discover a place where barefoot luxury meets culinary artistry.

Spa and wellness

Embrace a timeless journey of senses amid a secluded tropical garden. Offering a range of classic, Ayurvedic, local, and international wellness treatments, the island's healing energy invites you to a physical, mental, and spiritual rejuvenation.


A world of enchantment awaits beneath the waves. From majestic whale sharks to graceful manta rays, a vibrant marine world unfolds before your eyes. Dive into the depths and witness a vivid showcase of nature's untouched beauty.

Water sports

A spectrum of water sports adventures await. Whether you are a thrill-seeker, or craving the tranquillity of crystal-clear waters, let the ocean be your canvas for unforgettable experiences.


Set your inner explorer free. Embrace the call of adventure as you head out on thrilling escapades. Unfold the chapters of your heaven through the excursions atop waters and in nearby islands. 

Land sports

An arena of leisure and recreation awaits at our haven. Fill your days with energy, enthusiasm and pure joy, whether you're seeking the thrill of competition or simply want to unwind under the sun.