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Home to colorful coral gardens, schools of exotic sea creatures, and crystal-clear waters all year-round, the dive sites near Royal Island are some of the best in the Maldives. Among our collection of carefully chosen reefs is Kakani near the Baa Atoll's Hanifaru Bay - one of the best places in the world to see mantas and whale sharks.

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An award-winning dive centre with a passion for exceptional service, exhilarating diving and environmental conservation.

The Baa Atoll is a diver's paradise and is one of the best places to learn to scuba dive in the Maldives. The experienced team at our dive center, diveOceanus, offers a range of courses, from beginner level and kids' courses right through to PADI Dive Master.

PADI Certified Dive Courses

Discover Scuba Diving

Take your first steps into the world of scuba diving. Discover Scuba Diving covers basic techniques and skills and allows you to put them into practice in the shallow lagoon. This introductory course can be credited towards a Scuba Diver certificate or an Open Water course.

Scuba Diver

Covering three of the five parts of the Open Water course, Scuba Diver certifies you to dive to a maximum depth of 12 meters/40 feet under the supervision of PADI Divemaster, Assistant Instructor, or Instructor. Once you have completed the course, you'll also be one step further to an Open Water Diver certification.

Open Water

The Open Water course covers more complex dives. Upon completion, you'll be permitted to dive to a depth of 18 meters/60 feet under supervision. As well as performing Confined Water Dives and Open Water Dives, you'll also be required to complete several online courses.

Adventure Diver

To become certified as an Adventure Diver, you'll need to prove that you are more competent in the water. Once you have completed three dives, which meet the criteria of Deep Diver, Night Diver, and Underwater Navigator, you'll gain the Adventure Diver qualification.

Advanced Open Water

Once you have gained your Adventure Diver certification, you can complete a further two adventure dives that include lower depths and navigation, and you will become a certified Advanced Open Water Diver.

Rescue Diver

In the Rescue Diver course, you'll learn how to prevent potential problems in the water and manage them effectively, from recognizing when fellow divers are distressed to rescuing someone unresponsive.

Dive Master

A Dive Master is certified to supervise diving excursions and assist student divers. To become a Dive Master, you will work closely with a PADI instructor to expand your knowledge and skills and develop your leadership qualities.


Specially designed to teach the basics of diving and build confidence in the water, our kids' diving courses are great for little ones looking to explore the underwater world surrounding Villa Park.

All our diving experiences are provided by diveOceanus.