Maldives wellness experiences by Araamu Spa at Royal Island

A voyage of the senses starts at Araamu Spa, a tropical garden sanctuary where time doesn’t move from hour to hour but mood to moment. Surrounded by the lush greenery of a private spa pavilion, find your zen while the restorative power of the island and sounds of exotic birds allow you to fully experience physical, mental and spiritual rejuvenation.

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Spa hours: 9:00 – 20:00
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Let us melt away the layers of tension and transport you to a sublime world of inner calm. Our secluded Araamu Spa is the ultimate oasis on your journey to personal wellness.

Your lifestyle, mood and needs are the key to crafting a customized spa experience. Indulge in progressive health and wellness concepts including classic body and face treatments, ancient Ayurvedic healing therapies as well as beauty care. Reconnect with nature in our tropical garden sanctuary while we ensure pampered pleasure with each spa visit.

Spa Treatments

The Dhivehi word ‘Araamu’ is derived from Sanskrit, meaning a ‘blissful state of total relaxation’, so we have created classic and Ayurvedic wellness menus to rejuvenate and revitalise. Here’s a glimpse of what’s on offer.

Back to roots

Signature experience

Clear this space of all stagnant energies and soak in the good vibes. Begin the experience with purifying cucumber shot, exotic milk foot ritual and deep abdominal breathing.

Therapist will start with clearing your aura from any stagnation and invite positive energy. Inspired by the local healing rituals, the smudging ceremony involves the burning of medicine leaves gathered from around the island. Continue your journey with grounding sand & coconut milk poultice therapy followed by intensive bamboo fusion massage designed to instantly melt away any muscular tightness and body pains.

Finish with herbal vitality bath ceremony then nourish the body with fresh papaya smoothie and a local snack. With lifted spirits, set an intention for the coming days, breathe deeply and reconnect with elements of nature.

Exotic Cocoon

Island inspired skin smoothing

Wrap yourself in an exotic aroma of the Maldives. Start with a gentle coffee and coconut body scrub, followed by a smoothing coconut yogurt body cocoon. Finish your island inspired ritual with a nourishing hair treatment and a relaxing pressure point scalp massage.


Let go

Let go of muscular tension, shoulder knots and stiff joints. Start with stimulating bamboo brooming followed by deep tissue massage. During this treatment, therapist will combine powerful stretching techniques and joint rotations to help facilitate muscle recovery and release deeply accumulated tension all throughout the body.


Energy flow for mental exhaustion

Unblock the natural flow of energy, increase clarity and bring peace of mind. This holistic treatment starts with stimulating scalp massage, followed by meridian body massage with friction-based strokes. The therapy ends with a warm, herbalized oil steadily poured onto your forehead to improve blood supply to the brain, reduce restlessness and improve sleep quality.

All of our spa experiences are provided by Araamu Spa.