Opening hours

09:00 – 18:00

Quite the coolest pool bar on the island, this watery oasis is always ready to serve drinks. Simply swim by, find yourself a spot to sit and order, island-style…

There’s no need to leave the caress of our warm waters at the pool bar – it’s an island bar in the pool. Come and join us: simply find yourself a water stool we’ll do the rest so that you can catch up with friends or watch the kids swim?

Other bars

Mekunu Bar

- Wine and beverage

This is where it all happens: by day, this pool bar is the fun place to be seen and make friends. By sundown, you’ll find vibrant live music or the island’s evening entertainment right here.

Beach Bar

- Wine and beverage

Sun worshippers, water sports enthusiasts and deep-sea divers drift in and out of our welcoming and deeply-shaded Beach Bar all day. Create lifelong memories with friends, enjoy the laid-back atmosphere and connect with fellow underwater adventurers.